Precision mechanics, production of components and semi-finished products

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Vamer has gained forty years of experience in the precision mechanics sector, in the construction of high-tech precision mechanical parts and in the complete assembly of groups and special machines.

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Currently the undisputed specialization of Vamer srl finds application in many industrial sectors, where both precision and originality and flexibility of construction methodologies are required.

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Vamer srl obtained the ISO 9001 certification of 2015 for the four production sites, certifying the following corporate purpose: “Production and assembly of mechanical parts in complete supply according to customer specifications (EA 17)”

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Vamer, thanks to a wide range of machine tools that comply with the dictates of Industry 4.0, is able to supply complex components with high precision.


The assembly department allows Vamer to be able to provide the customer with a customized product that meets high standards of complexity, applicable in the most varied sectors.


Vamer’s forty-year experience permits the company to have consolidated know-how, which allows it to collaborate with customers in the design and industrialization of the required products.


A metrology room dedicated to quality control and operators always up to date, in order to guarantee maximum precision and quality.


Vamer carries out the transportation of the components, to ensure their integrity even in the delivery phase.


The company has a raw materials warehouse and one for the loading and unloading of finished products.

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    Vamer: Environment and Safety

    Vamer is strictly committed to the attention towards the environment and the well-being of the staff. The company has installed a photovoltaic system to be self-sufficient in terms of energy and reduce CO2 emissions. The company has installed a suction system to remove the dust and has provided all the building with air-conditioned to guarantee the best working conditions for the operators.