Over the years, Vamer has managed to carve out a space and a name in the world of precision mechanics thanks to investments aimed at seeking precision and quality. The company has thus gained the ability to work up to tolerances of the order of 0.005 mm.

The packaging industry is the one to which the Vamer business is most focused. The company is able to produce components, groups, formats, spare parts and systems for production lines.

The company is mainly aimed at customers operating in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, mechanical and energy sectors.

Vamer: Environment and Safety

Vamer is strictly committed to the attention towards the environment and the well-being of the staff. The company has installed a photovoltaic system to be self-sufficient in terms of energy and reduce CO2 emissions. The company has installed a suction system to remove the dust and has provided all the building with air-conditioned to guarantee the best working conditions for the operators.